In The Next Great Clash, Michael Levin makes the case that China and the
United States will go to war with each other within the next 5 to 25 years.
As scary as this proposition sounds, Levin writes with a balance of tone
and a force of factual scholarship that lead the reader to understand just
how the United States, along with the machinations of Russia, finds itself
in this perilous situation.

Though the premise may seem like the plot of a Tom Clancy novel,
Next Great Clash
is no wild theory based on dubious research and
spurious experts. Levin looks at the impending causes for a major global
confrontation through economic, political, cultural, and historical lenses.  

As Levin states, “This book is the result of years of academic research
combined with almost a decade of my overseas experience in Asia; as a
result, I am able to present the reader with history as seen through the
eyes of China and Russia; this is not an America-centric book.”

Of special interest is how Russia, America’s Cold War enemy, has deftly
positioned itself as the “swing player” in this real world game of Risk.
Though the Soviet Union has fallen, Russia has much to gain by nurturing
the East’s conflict with the West, while at the same time, it fears an all
powerful China on its southeastern border. Levin carefully examines the
fragile 400-year relationship between these awkward neighbors and the
strategic partnership that has developed between them.

The author’s main hope is that
The Next Great Clash will raise awareness
before the clash becomes inevitable. By understanding the issues from all
sides, it is hoped that China, Russia, and the United States will find a way
to avoid World War III. However, time is running out.

Table of Contents
The Next Great Clash: China and Russia vs. The United States

Chapter 1:  Introduction


Chapter 2:  Eye of the Storm: The Theoretical Lens
Chapter 3:  U.S. Foreign Policy, the Debt Explosion, and Demographic Trends
Chapter 4:  Patterns in Chinese History
Chapter 5:  Taiwan: The Tripwire


Chapter 6:  When Russia Met China: From the 1600s to 1911
Chapter 7:  Caviar and Chopsticks: The Republican Era in China
Chapter 8:  Maotai and Vodka: The Communist Dynasty
Chapter 9:  After the Fall
Chapter 10: In Concert with the Axis
Chapter 11: The Balance of Power

with Tables, Notes, Bibliography, and Index

Copyright © 2007 by Michael L. Levin
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“Levin highlights a growing problem
that we have been ignoring for too
long. His research and historical
examples make a compelling
argument. If he’s right, we are
about to face very perilous times.”

COL. Jack Jacobs (ret.)
Military & Political Analyst, MSNBC